Written and directed by Ian armer

Music by Possimiste

Once your heart is touched by a butterfly you will never be the same again.

Butterfly is a mysterious LGBTQ romantic drama about love, loss, change and the curse of an artist who is destined to suffer for the sake of creating beauty.

Ian Armer (director)

Starting out in the commercial sector, Ian Armer has written corporate scripts and had work published in film music magazine Music from the Movies and The Film & TV Yearbook before working on his own short films. Ian worked with the BBC, Shoreline Films and Pure Television before developing his own style and he’s since been a regular contributor to The Illustrated Ape – his work appearing alongside Maximo Park’s Paul Smith and Radiohead’s Stanley Donwood. Funding from the UK Film Council enabled him to shoot cult short The Clenched Tw*t of Notre Dame, which was nominated for an award at Manchester’s Commonwealth Film Festival. Ian’s films have screened at various UK festivals and his roles have included director, writer and editor, plus he’s been a guest programmer at Kino’s International Film Festival. In 2010 Ian co-wrote a short script with Amanda Webster – Cherry Lips & Liquorice Whips – which was due to be directed by Ken Russell, who passed away before the project reached fruition. Ian continues to write and direct and his first novella Mad Gods and Englishmen has since been published to great acclaim. More recently, he’s been commissioned to direct a series of art installations by experimental artists. He also co-wrote the feature film “Introspectum Motel” .

Possimiste is a singer, songwriter and alchemist who writes songs in a dream-like state. She has collected all her songs,trips and dreams together in the magical notebook named “Youniverse” in which she tries to understand the secrets and wisdom the Universe has revealed to her during the moments of writing songs. This is an ethereal journey through fantastical pop soundscapes full of mystery, magic and endless surprises.